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Rauscher Farm Land Management Plan

As part of a responsible husbandry policy (namely, do no harm!), the first full calendar year of town ownership, 2009, was a time of watching Rauscher Farm throughout all the seasons. By year end, the town had completed two surveys — a property boundary survey and a wetland survey — essential for the start of long-term land management planning.

The town-appointed Rauscher Farm Management Subcommittee (RFMSC), under the guidance of the Clinton Conservation Commission, has created a long-term Rauscher Farm land management plan. The goal of this plan is to transition from privately-owned, commercial farm use to conservation/open space use that ensures accessibility for as many people as possible for as much of the year as possible while still maintaining the distinctive character of the farm.


Designing and implementing such a transition takes research and careful preparation, which involve seeking advice and guidance from experienced organizations and individuals. The RFMSC has consulted with a number of such professionals including the Mass Audubon Society, The Trustees of Reservations, Cornell University Cooperative Extension Program, Massachusetts Department of Conservation and Recreation, and recognized authorities on grassland, wetland, woodland, and invasive species management. Drawing on these reservoirs of knowledge, the RFMSC has written a plan for the management of the various ecological environments that make up Rauscher Farm — grasslands, wetlands, woodlands, and Clamshell Pond.