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Friends of Rauscher Farm

Our Surprising Sun
See the Sun in a New Light with Dr. Philip J. Erickson
Free Event
Sunday April 6, 3 p.m.

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Welcome to Rauscher Farm!

Enjoy the beauty and serenity of 60 acres of open space purchased by the Town of Clinton in June 2008.

Rauscher Farm comprises wonderfully diverse environments - grasslands, wetlands, woodlands, and access to Clamshell Pond - each with its store of rich ecological treasures.

Before the town purchase, Rauscher Farm was a working, commercial farm. Historical records show that as early as 1716 colonial settlers were on the farm. In 1653, a purchase of land from the Nashaway Nipmuc Indians included the Rauscher Farm area. And dating back further, prehistoric sites abound throughout the Clamshell Pond area.